Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival 2008: Documentaries
Overtime, the list of famous expatriates have collected some notable names: Hemingway, Eliot and James Morrison, who have all made names for themselves in their respective European locations.

Filmmaker (and expatriate herself) Joanna Vasquez Arong presents a refreshing look on the expatriate life in Beijing in the documentary, NEO-LOUNGE. The film focuses on its namesake, a trendy bar that is frequented by expatriates. In particular, its focuses on Diliana Georgieva, a Bulgarian jazz singer / model / actress, and Italian Leonardo Griglie, who spends his days drinking excessively in his posh mansion. Both narratives are drowned in their drunken miseries and rumblings. Arong also follows Henry Li, the bar's free-spirited and unrestrained owner, his girlfriend and his beer-guzzling six year old child. While it becomes difficult to sympathize with characters who show a disregard for their own lives, Arong makes a strong use case in providing a discourse for the meaning of expatriate life in today's world. - - Kanara Ty