(L)imitations of Life: The Latest in Philippine Cinema
Visual Communication's Asian Pacific Film Festival is practically the only place one can discover strides in Philippine cinema in Los Angeles theatres. Given the numbers (almost a dozen productions features an shorts), this year could arguably be the best in the last couple of years. But I would caution against talking quantity over quality right away. I'll get back to this last point. It's certainly nice to know that Philippine film and digital production has been keeping its momentum while other filmmaking centers are coming around to host some of the titles. Heading the group of Philippines / Philippines American filmmakers at VC is Brilliante Mendoza, of whom one of the film presenters said is "the hottest Philippine director right now." By the end of this month, Mendoza can claim to have screened films at the Cannes Film Festival two years in the row now. At the VC this year, he was represented byFoster Child (2007), and Slingshot (2007). Other new directors to participate in the festival are Jim Libiran, Ron Morales, and Joanna Vasquez Arong with Tribe (2007), Santa Mesa (2007), and NEO-LOUNGE (2007), respectively. - - Rowena Aquino