NEO-LOUNGE at The 2008 Chicago Filipino American Film Festival
CFAFF is pleased to resent arguably the best line up the festival has ever produced. In addition to recent productions byup-and-coming Filipino American filmmakers and our new music video awards, we're also presenting a classic from Philippine cinema -- Dolphy's 1954 break-out film, Jack and Jill.


NEO-LOUNGE - Winner of the 2007 Cinemanila Award for the Best Documentary, Joanna Vasquez Arong directs NEO-LOUNGE- - a deeply observant film, as sharp and insightful as any we've seen since IMELDA (Ramona S. Diaz, CFAFF 2004). In 2003, the shadow of the SARS epidemic looms over Asia, but a handful of expatriates continues to gather and revel a nightclub called Neo-Lounge. While the camera follows Leonardo, a roguish, jovial Italian businessman; Diliana, a Bulgarian singer and model; and Henry, the free-spirited proprietor of Neo-Lounge, the director herself rarely makes her presence known. The result is far more personal than what we see in popular reality-based media. A fascinating study of a group lost souls and outsiders, and the brief sanctuary they find in the most unlikeliest if places, NEO-LOUNGE represents and impressive new voice in documentary filmmaking.


Source : CFAFF 2008 website